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"Isolate the male voice on that phone call! You can't really do that, except on TV, right? Well, with the tools in SpectraLayers and some time spent on the details, you can achieve results that you might have thought impossible before."
Streaming Media

"I think SpectraLayers 1.0 is a far better sample editor and spectral analysis/processing tool than anything else I've come across on the Mac."
IT Enquirer

"SpectraLayers does an incredibly good job of maintaining sound quality when you are essentially being quite heavy-handed in frequency removal. [...] It's a powerful tool that works very well for perfecting problematic location recordings, tidying up samples or simply approaching sound design in a different way."
Music Tech Mag

"This is way, way beyond anything that you can do with any sort of filter plug-in that I am aware of. [...] I feel like the technology behind Spectra Layers Pro is the next logical step towards truly intelligent audio-computing."

"Have you ever seen a cop drama on television and wondered how the tech crew back at the station are able to pick apart audio and extract just the information that the detectives need to hear in order to solve the mystery? If you're like me, you've shaken your head in disbelief, declaring this type of audio analysis to be some magic of television (a lot like those blurry photos that suddenly become very clear with a click of the mouse). To my surprise, a little fiddling with SpectraLayers Pro revealed that this type of audio analysis and extraction is not only possible, it's actually quite simple."

"This is one powerful tool that enables incredible audio analysis and shaping effects. [...] Well done to Sony for bringing a professional audio editing tool from the studio to the desktop."
Software Latest

"You know those crime shows where the chief says can you isolate that voice from a crowded room to the tech person? Now you too can isolate that sound. [...] If you have the need to clean up audio sound on a regular basis, then I very highly recommend SpectraLayers Pro."

"SpectraLayers Pro is an essential application for engineers, sound designers, audio-for-video editors, archivists, and professionals who demand the deepest audio analysis tools. It is a terrific piece of kit that turns sound into a three-dimensional world of eye candy and allows you to get to the real DNA of a sound and extract it to create new life forms. Deconstructing audio files into component layers is as much about having fun with your productions as it is challenging. SpectraLayers Pro sets you on the course to a brave new world of audio editing - so go ahead - explore!"


"Our main work these days is providing music and illuminating sound design for film scores like Hercules, Total Recall and the Fast & Furious franchise. I've become a big fan of SpectraLayers for the apparently magical powers of audio dissection it possesses. It has given us practically forensic tools to be able to manipulate audio and is a great addition to a sound designer's palette."

Michael Truman

"SpectraLayers is one of the more exciting programs for audio to come out in a long time. I'm only beginning to realize the far reaching potential of the software, and there are many creative uses that I haven't even come up with yet. The ability to interact with audio on such a new and graphical interface opens up incredible potential for both restoration and sound design."

Tim Nielsen
Sound designer at Skywalker Sound

"SpectraLayers gives you the ability to de-construct audio in amazing detail. You can then audition each layer and observe the results of the layer removal or addition on the finished result non-destructively. I am enjoying its precise abilities to zone in to difficult film location sound problems and excise them with minimal effectto the program material."

Ray Beentjes
Dialogue Editor, The Lord of the Rings

"We had the pleasure of working with British composer Harry Gregson-Williams on the score for Total Recall. During the programming and sound design sessions, SpectraLayers became an indispensable tool for manipulating audio in ways no other software we've come across can come close to. We had enormous fun extracting layers of sound from organic recordings and layering them up to form otherworldly futuristic textures for the score."

Mike Truman

"For Twilight 5 Breaking Dawn pt. 2, SpectraLayers has been essential as a precise instrument in sculpting some complex but organic fantasy sounds. It can generate unique aural impressions by reconstructing sounds through very hard edged bands into a mosaic. Being able to hear individual layers or combinations and easily export all the components as well as a composite is a great workflow. I've been having a lot of fun with the program."

Dane A. Davis, President, Danetracks Inc.
BAFTA, MPSE and Oscar awards for "The Matrix"

"Whether working for the Norwegian Police, lawyers or private clients, each forensic case requires us to think outside the box, developing unique solution to each challenge. Thankfully SpectraLayers' developers have taken a walk out of the box of traditional audio software, allowing us to visualize recordings, quickly try out new ideas and efficiently manipulate audio in totally new ways."

Truls Birkeland & Chris Sansom
Engine Ears

"I love using SpectraLayers to help create sounds that appear to spring naturally from another dimension. I can deconstruct and reconstruct familiar as well as unidentifiable sounds into shadows or translucent projections with its unique tools and structure. For "Sinister" by Scott Derrickson I was able to make some sounds subtly "wrong" by shifting spectral bands against each other to create dramatic tension. SpectraLayers can have a very unique summing effect that resulted in some very evocative vocal elements for highly disturbing scenes."

Dane A. Davis, President, Danetracks Inc.
BAFTA, MPSE and Oscar awards for "The Matrix"

"SpectraLayers makes you go deep into the core of the sounds and lets you take control of it in a completely new way. The combination with the extremely powerful tools and layering is absolutely fantastic. Easy and creative interface that makes the work-flow really smooth. I feel that I just scratched the surface of it all but here we have endless of possibilities. Hello Future!!!"

Magnus Birgersson
Solar Fields

"SpectraLayers provides a unique toolset for visualizing and manipulating sounds the way we actually perceive them. No other application on the market can match its potential for true creativity."

Johan Althoff
Lead Sound Designer, Starbreeze Studios